Founded in the early 1980s, Radio Waves, Inc. has grown from specialized beginnings to become a major leading international provider of antennas for various microwave and broadband wireless applications. Initially, Radio Waves focused on multi-element phased antenna systems and components for low frequency communications. Then Radio Waves started developing special purpose antennas primarily for the portable and fixed broadcast and millimeter wave markets. The success of Radio Waves innovative design in these markets lead to Radio Waves growth into what is now one of the leading microwave antenna manufacturers in the world.

Radio Waves has established itself as a market leader in the emerging broadband wireless and fixed wireless markets with orders and supply contracts with both established and emerging system suppliers. In every area of involvement, Radio Waves has become a proven quality supplier, with thousands of antennas deployed in multiple applications around the world. Today, Radio Waves offers the widest product range for antennas in the industry for OEM and resale requirements from 1.3 GHz through 80 GHz, including point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, ISM and UNII bands, MMDS, 3.5 GHz, millimeter wave and broadcast microwave antenna applications. Radio Waves is a proven supplier of high quality microwave antennas for cellular base station interconnects, internet service providers, hospitals and campus environments, Wi-Fi, WiMax, private networks, disaster recovery and many other applications.


Radio Waves, Inc.

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