SAF Tehnika

Excellence in modern wireless data transmission technologies, creativity in solutions, accuracy in design, precision in production and logistics make SAF Tehnika a unique manufacturer of point-to-point microwave data transmission equipment. Originally incorporated and having its headquarters in Northern Europe, SAF Tehnika had become a global reach company within just a decade, covering all relevant market segments and deploying its products in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Normunds Bergs
CEO of SAF Tehnika


Customer-supportive business philosophy is the fundamental element driving SAF Tehnika`s research and business development. We’re constantly monitoring industry trends to meet the current demands, but to increase the satisfaction of our customers requires foresight and the courage to act on it. SAF welcomes daring and visionary product development decisions, which has helped us thrive and successfully compete with the major players. In addition to an industry-standard portfolio containing a full range of modular split-mount and full outdoor Native Ethernet/IP microwave systems for licenced and licence-free frequencies, SAF Tehnika boasts about several industry unique and new market-shaping products such as the Integra and Spectrum Compact. To complete the offer, SAF Tehnika maintains and provides an outstanding technical support service – an often underestimated feature and a stumbling stone for our competitors.

Key Product Milestones

2000 – CFM - first (23GHz) split-mount PDH system capable of 8Mbps (4xE1) transmission capacity. Later highly modified versions support up to 37Mbps
2003 – CFM FODU – first full outdoor PDH unit, initially supporting 2xE1 capacity. Later versions support 34Mbps, as well become the first radios powered by PoE
2004 – CFM-M-MUX – one of the world’s first highly modular PDH system with 10/100 Ethernet, V.35, T1/E1/E3 interfaces 
2006 – CFQ - the first split-mount SDH system. Initial version (with narrow-band modem) – 16xE1/STM-1 capable (155Mbps per radio). Later versions (with wide-band modem) – up to 3xSTM-1 (312Mbps per radio) 
2008 – CFIP-108 – one of the world’s first hybrid IP/TDM all outdoor 108 (106) Mbps radio system in compact form factor 
2009 – CFIP Lumina – first Native Ethernet/IP power efficient all outdoor 360Mbps radio system with 256QAM and built-in advanced GigE switch (QoS, STPs, VLAN support) CFIP PhoeniX – split mount hybrid IP/TDM 360Mbps radio system with up to 20xE1
2010 – FreeMile 17/24 (since 2012 also in 5.8GHz MIMO version) – first-in-the-market 100+Mbps radio system bringing advanced hybrid IP/TDM functionality to licence-free bands of 17 and 24GHz (later – also 5.8GHz).
2011 – CFIP Marathon – advanced hybrid IP/TDM 300MHz/1.4GHz full indoor radio system for long-haul point-to-point applications CFIP PhoeniX M – split mount system with unified-band modem with XPIC, 256QAM (360Mbps per radio) and advanced protection configuration (e.g. 2+2, E1 SNCP etc.) support CFIP Lumina LL – 28µs 6GHz+ radio optimized for low latency applications 
2012 – CFIP Low Latency Active Repeater – highly competitive 6GHz+ 35ns radio unit for use in low latency networks 
2013 – Spectrum Compact – world’s first hand-held powerful RF spectrum monitoring tool for 6-11GHz, 10-17GHz, 17-24GHz 24-40Ghz bands 
Integra - unique next generation full outdoor radio system in ultra compact, low-weight form factor, supporting 1024QAM (420Mbps per radio), with built-in advanced network processor providing SyncE/1588v2 PTP support, 256-bit AES encryption and Layer2 header compression 
Marathon II – 1.4GHz high power full indoor system with 0.25-8MHz channel b/w (12xE1) and fractional E1 support, with serial port for traffic transport. 
PhoeniX C – very compact split-mount system with Carrier Ethernet functionality, optionally available with DVB-ASI interface for digital video broadcasting applications

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