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Cambium Networks Launches PTP 820 Point-To-Point Licensed Microwave Backhaul Portfolio

Platform operates from 6 to 42 GHz for both ANSI and ETSI markets, supports up to 2 Gbps throughput

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill., October 7, 2014 — Cambium Networks™, a global leading provider of wireless broadband solutions, today launched PTP 820, a point-to-point licensed microwave backhaul platform. PTP 820 can be deployed in all-indoor, split-mount and all-outdoor configurations, and supports all types of networks requiring either hybrid or all-IP traffic.
The platform offers both Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) and IEEE 1588v2 synchronization protocols and the required QoS to offer high service granularity enabling network sharing and multiple service offerings.  Its exceptional flexibility makes it ideal for a wide-range of applications, including public safety, enterprise, wireless carriers and wireless internet service provider (WISP) installations.
“The market continues to evolve towards gigabit Ethernet all-outdoor configurations,” said Earl Lum, president, EJL Wireless Research.  “The PTP 820 platform delivers quality and reliability for both hybrid and all-IP networks, and supports the precise timing and synchronization requirements required for larger ISP and MPLS networks.”
“Cambium Networks continues to extend its portfolio to deliver a complete end-to-end wireless outdoor solution to customers that can meet demanding network requirements,” said Robert Baker, vice president, business development and microwave portfolio, Cambium Networks. “PTP 820 gives our customers industry-leading capacity and configuration flexibility for all global markets.”
The PTP 820C has dual-core functionality enabling the system to operate up to 2 Gbps via software upgrades eliminating the need for future forklift upgrades or major system overhaul by the network operator to deliver gigabit-plus capacity. With industry-leading system gain and dual-core operation, PTP 820C allows for smaller antennas and higher availability at the capacity that customers demand.

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The PTP 650 systems are full-featured, reliable, high-performance solutions that operate in line-of-sight, near-line-of-sight, and non-line of sight environments in radio frequencies between 4.9 GHz and 6.05 GHz.

The new PTP 650 offers the same ultra-reliable performance as Cambium's PTP 600 systems with a 50 percent increase in throughput.

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  • Up to 450 Mbps aggregate throughput
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