Full-outdoor radio with 100Mbps Fast Ethernet and four E1/T1

  • Patented ODU mounting clamps for quick and easy installation
  • Industry-leading reliability and durability in harsh environment
  • Low power consumption for sites with alternative energy sources, like solar panels and wind turbines
  • Ideal for last-mile access with narrow channel sizes over E1/T1 connectivity
  • All-outdoor form factor, ideal for hybrid wireless network installations with Ethernet and E1/T1 connectivity
CFIP-106/108 is primarily designed for IP networks and provides Fast Ethernet interface with capacities from 8 Mbps up to 100 Mbps full duplex Fast Ethernet. In addition to that, CFIP-106/108 has a 4xE1/T1 port for legacy equipment connectivity and for use in hybrid TDM/IP networks.