CFIP Marathon II

The most modern low frequency microwave radio system for industrial applications on the market

  • Built around modern ASIC modem chip
  • Fanless design - unique on the market with zero maintenance
  • Hitless ACM and ATPC for longer distance and better performance/availability
  • User friendly WEB interface , convenient and safe configuration for local and remote site terminals
  • Built-in managed Gigabit Ethernet switch with QoS, VLANs, Spanning Tree
  • Protocols for up-to-date network configurations
  • Perfectly suitable for long distance links in mountainous areas and over-water paths
  • Low power consumption
CFIP Marathon 300 MHz / 1.4 GHz point-to-point longhaul microwave system is the perfect solution for industrial applications where fibre is not available. Primarily designed for remote and rural areas Marathon Full Indoor Unit can establish a link in adverse weather conditions and over long distances, frequently exceeding 100 km. SAF Tehnika Marathon solution is particularly recommended for utility (electricity, water), oil & gas, public safety and transport companies that are looking for reliable data & voice transmission.


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