CFIP PhoeniX

Split mount radio system with capacity of up to 363 Mbps full duplex

  • High Capacity Throughput supporting 256QAM modulation and 56 MHz channel bandwidth
  • Modern components and latest technologies applied in CFIP PhoeniX make it one of the most energy efficient equipment on the market
  • Industrial grade design with fanless cooling system and split mount architecture
  • Flexible TDM/IP architecture allows easy transition from TDM-only to hybrid or IP-only network
  • Built-in managed Gigabit Ethernet switch, QoS, up to 4093 concurrent VLANs
Intended for classic telecom architecture CFIP PhoeniX split mount system is designed to fit in a classic telecom architecture with a radio located outdoor and a sheltered indoor unit. CFIP PhoeniX also enables transition from TDM networks to hybrid TDM/IP networks providing up to 20E1 + GigE. Total maximum capacity is up to 363 Mbps full duplex.