CFIP PhoeniX M

Market-proven technology supporting 256QAM modulation and 56 MHz channel bandwidth
XPIC support enables 2+0 configuration using both polarizations in a single channel
Flexible TDM/IP architecture allows easy transition from TDM-only to hybrid or IP-only network
Built-in managed Carrier Gigabit Ethernet switch supports advanced QoS, OAM, MEF 9&14, 1588v2 PTP, SyncE and other important features
Modular high capacity SDH, Gigabit Ethernet, Carrier Ethernet split-mount microwave solution
CFIP PhoeniX M split mount system consists of IDU and ODU (XPIC functionality supported). PhoeniX M IDU provides up to 63E1 and 2xSTM-1 bringing the total maximum capacity to 360 Mbps full duplex.