FreeMile 17/24

Full-outdoor licence-free carrier-grade last mile radio providing 100Mbps Fast Ethernet

  • Top quality solution for licence-free bands with carrier-grade quality radios:  EMC protection, high quality manufacturing and testing
  • Lowest latency among licence-free equipment for flawless VoIP and videostreaming
  • 17&24GHz carrier-grade licence-free radio providing 100 Mbps full-duplex bandwidth
  • Minimized interference risks with narrow-beam antennas and ACM/ATPC support
  • User friendly web interface for easy set-up, installation and maintenance
  • Two wayside E1/T1 for voice communication networks
SAF FreeMile FODU – a new generation licence-free 17/24GHz ISM band radio for Ethernet packet data and E1/T1 voice transmission. The new radio system combines excellent features traditionally associated with ISM radios – interferencefree operation, high availability and carrier-grade full-duplex capacity with no cost of licensing and quick installation. SAF FreeMile radio also offers a user-friendly web browser based management interface and straightforward installation process to ensure trouble-free experience for any user.


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