Network Management System

SAF NMS v4.1

SAF NMS is a integrated quality toolset consisting of hardware and software, used to monitor and administer a network, made of SAF designed microwave radio equipment, locally and remotely in convenient and user-friendly manner.

SAF NMS provides the following functionality:

  • Configuration and management of SAF network elements – Indoor and Outdoor Units
  • Actual network status
  • Real-time updates on MACs (moves, adds and changes)
  • Online events and fault notification (customizable log file)
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI)

  • Offers a user-friendly visual representation of SAF equipment (CFM, CFIP, CFQ, CFOL series) for convenient network management. It is designed for microwave radio systems thus it is adapted to understand link as one not only separate devices. E.g. IDU+ODU will be displayed as system not separate devices. System maps out network for you, detects and displays network topology. Each symbol in the map represents specific unit. Changing colors indicate faults that are sorted by severity;
  • It is adapted to SAF equipment, with no need manually interpreter MIB file. SAF NMS offers fully predefined system with included MIB file descriptions and parameters.
  • Collects information about network elements within the network, notifies about active alarms, reached thresholds. If network equipment which is monitored via SAF NMS runs into some issues immediate alarm is provided to operator thus one can take appropriate steps. SAF NMS also has built in alarm threshold values for SAF equipment thus client does not need to implement anything by himself.
  • Implemented critical threshold values for SAF equipment. (for example, IDU temperature, Rx level, ODU temperature) SAF NMS generates alarms and notifies you in case one or more parameters reach critical level.
  • Collection and storage of information about network elements (NEs). Provides access to customizable report generation based on statistical information gathered within user-defined period of time. Offers the possibility to archive outdated events. The user can set time and frequency of archiving procedure, and define event expiration settings;
  • Easy remote configuration and monitoring of Nes
  • Real time performance monitoring. SAF NMS provides operator with all necessary performance data. One can see all device performance in real time. SAF NMS also allows to easy configure SAF equipment.
  • Supports SNMPv1 protocol
  • Easy installation. SAF NMS installation is simplified and built in way client can easy install it on their server.
  • Supports SAF Mobile NMS - an event notification oriented smartphone application thus one can be always informed about their network.

SAF Mobile NMS

SAF Mobile NMS is a free Android (ver. 2.2 or up) based client application for owners and administrators of microwave networks monitored by SAF Network Management System. It is a handy and feature-rich tool that provides enhanced realtime overview of the actual equipment and network status via instant push-notification service. It will help you to sustain a strong sense of control over mission and business critical microwave network environment.


PDF icon SAF NMS Brochure3.03 MB