“I WantWireless.ca is an Internet Service Provider serving Northern Alberta.  We are 6 years old and are rapidly growing our business.  Just over a year ago we expanded our business 10 fold.  In order to do this, we relied heavily on the expertise of the team at MBSI.  We consulted with MBSI daily for technical advice on pros and cons of different types of access points, backhauls and subscriber modules.  One of the best things they advised us on was to build our backbone (backhauls and access points) to meet future internet needs verse current demands.  As a result, we have an operating system that can be upgraded to future needs with the flip of a switch verse the ever increasing cost of new equipment.

Because of MBSIs friendly professional advice and support, we continue to rely on MBSI for all our Cambium equipment.”


Gil Sonnenberg, CFO
IWantWireless.ca Ltd.